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Podcast Appearances

Select appearances that Jeff makes on podcast and speaking events are highlighted on this page.

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Titus Jordan 

December, 2023

Titus Jordan #Glow speaks on emotional, spiritual, relational, physical, health, and healing. Leadership Development, Personal and Business Development; we look to help you let go of the past so you can live in the present and make a wonderful future.

Click HERE to open this podcast in Spotify.

The Millennium Beat

December, 2023

From the depths of despair to the summit of Mount Rainier

Life Testimonies Podcast

December, 2023

Keep Hope Alive Podcast / Party Time Texas Podcast

December, 2023

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Connect Clermont

January, 2024

Connect Clermont exists to harness the collective power of individuals and organizations to continually improve life in Clermont County. Weaving Together Our Community.

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Serve T-E-A

March, 2024

Different Flavours and Topics Bringing Impactful Messages Tea with Jeff Higgins.

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Edgehog business podcast episode 18

December, 2023

Click HERE to open this podcast in Spotify.

The Experience With Kay

November, 2023

Jeff speaks with Kay about how the loss of 3 family members to the same fate and the death of his closest friend led him on a journey of forgiveness.

Hallelujah Podcast

November, 2023

Struggles and Summits: God's miraculous story of redemption with Jeff Higgins | The search for peace

Serendipitous Sit-downs Podcast

October, 2023

From Struggles to Summits - Meet Former Inmate, Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker; Jeff Higgins.

The Joey Awaken Podcast

October, 2023

Interview with Jeff Higgins, a family man, business owner, and motivational speaker.

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