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About Me

Jeff Higgins has spent a lifetime using his difficult experiences to propel him toward his ultimate goal: inner peace. Before he was 15, Higgins lost two immediate family members to alcohol-related car wrecks. Then, as an adult, his best friend died in a car accident. Higgins was driving.


After serving time in jail, Higgins was plagued by guilt. The idea of finding peace seemed impossible. Then, he had a wake-up call. With a new outlook, he realized that his challenges had already given him the tools he needed to find peace. He had cultivated a community of support through his wife, daughters, and grandchildren. He focused on serving his local community in his roles as a business owner and community leader. And he forgave those in his life who had wronged him, including himself. While climbing Mount Rainier to raise funds for a special needs school in Guatemala, Higgins came to the conclusion that inner peace is a process that progresses one step at a time.


Higgins has served the community of Cincinnati for decades, but the community has given him so much more in return. He has been richly blessed and mightily challenged, a combination that has forged his path toward peace. With his seamless blend of humor and honesty, Higgins’s story has the power to push others along the path to peace because of their challenges, not in spite of them.

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