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Struggles and Summits


Struggles and Summits: Jeff's Story

Jeff Higgins has used life’s heartbreaking challenges to fuel his drive for inner peace. Raised in Cincinnati, Higgins founded a business in 2002, and now acts as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. With a passion for helping others, he has served as President on two church councils, led community youth programs, and summited Mount Rainier to raise funds for a special needs school in rural Guatemala. But his passion for serving others is rooted in difficulty. His upbringing was filled with contention and loss. Higgins has emerged from those experiences as a better person by focusing on service, forgiveness, and community. Anchored by his wife, daughters, and grandchildren, Higgins has found fulfillment on his path toward inner peace.

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Speaking by Jeff Higgins

Featuring: Struggles and Summits



Jeff tailors his story for a variety of offices including corporations, teams, private organizations and community organizations.  Your organization will hear a message of resilience, hope and triumph along with a playbook your team can use to take Jeff's message into their personal and professional lives.


Offsite Retreats

Organizations often gather offsite to engage in a variety of activities all aimed to create the glue that drives high performing teams.  Allow Jeff's message to be delivered in an intimate setting to your team at your offsite retreat, and enjoy Jeff's hands-on toolkit for applying his message to your team's lives. 

Leadership Development

Leaders are often put into their position at the helm before they are ready, but are weary to admit it. Additionally, being 'at the top' can be a lonely place, even in good times let alone during times of adversity.  Jeff's message will resonate with the leaders struggling with these private challenges. 

What People Are Saying


"... Mr. Higgins' message made me feel... gratified and inspired.  Gratified to feel so blessed even amongst my personal trials... and inspired to be a better, happier, more appreciative person..."

Geoff  D.
Missionary, Dream Invest Grow


"One of the most dynamic and moving presentations I have ever sat through."

Joy Lytle
President, Clermont County Chamber of Commerce

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"On Monday you spoke with JSFG Hyde Park. Your speech helped me refocused myself on the purpose for me."

Pamela F.
EHS Coordinator



"Jeff's story AND delivery is impressive and inspiring!"

Bob Pautke
President & Founder, SOAR with Purpose

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